Breakfasts with Buster

A Journey through Medical and Holistic treatments for Pets
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In November of 1997, a young puppy came into my life.  A bundle of energy and a source of joy, he became a cherished member of our household's pack instantly.  Buster - full nameBuster as a puppy Buster Bocephus Beauregard Boudreaux Baxter Brown - had all of the magnificent qualities that every dog lover sees in their pet friends.  He approached life with spontaneity and optimism and was a gentle, devoted and loyal companion.

But Buster's life would impact us in far more significant ways, and would teach my husband and I great lessons, when at the age of 10, Buster was diagnosed with bone cancer.  His age and the conditions of the disease would determine his options for treatment.  I chose to combine traditional veterinary methods with holistic health care, a growing trend in pet care today.  And that's how the book Breakfasts With Buster came to be.  It is Buster's story - the fun and the painful - and a tribute to him.  And it is a starting point for dog lovers who are looking for a way to help a sick pet have a better quality of life.

I hope you will find Buster's story inspirational and helpful, particularly if you are dealing with a similar situation.  I think of the Garth Brooks song, The Dance, when I recall the great times we had with our beautiful brown boy.  "I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance."  And I wouldn't have missed it for all the world.

Welcome to Breakfasts With Buster! 

Enjoy!   - Val


  This is Buster....

Lovable, big and huggable, playful and more. 

From the moment Buster entered our home he had our hearts. 

We know that after you read his story, he will have your heart too.      (


  About the Book
Breakfasts with Buster
Helping Buster Battle Bone Cancer: A Journey Through Holistic and Medical Treatment for Pets

Breakfasts with Buster, authored by Valerie J. Wood

Breakfasts with Buster is a very special story. 

Part memoir, part animal cancer treatment guide, the book is a touching story that is educational and informative as well. 

When Buster was diagnosed with bone cancer, his owner Valerie had no idea that Buster's legacy would be in print to help others.  

Breakfasts With Buster: Helping Buster Battle Bone Cancer, By Valerie J. Wood  Click on the button to 
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  Breakfasts with Buster.

  Recent News & Events
   Buster's Story featured on Good Morning, Maryland
Author Valerie Wood with Megan Pringle of WMAR-TVs Good Morning, Maryland
Val was invited to be a guest on WMAR-TV's Good Morning, Maryland, to talk about Buster and Breakfasts With Buster.  She spoke with host Megan Pringle about the holistic treatments she used to help Buster battle his bone cancer and how that impacted positively on his quality of life.

Val's appearance - which can be seen here - is one of a series that Val is undertaking to reach out to other dog owners and help them to learn more about natural and holistic care for their pets.  She has recently appeared on radio stations that reach pet lovers in all parts of the country.



"Buster's Struggle: Author chronicles dog's fight with cancer"
by Brandon Oland, Carroll County Times Staff Writer.  Read the Article

Adoptable Hazel at the Natural Pet Expo Philadelphia September 27 2009
 It was a rainy day but that didn't deter dog lovers from attending the Natural Pet Expo in Philadelphia. 

Val was there to meet and talk with everyone and to host a special book signing for 
Breakfasts With Buster.    (more)

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